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Customized Sort Methods for Lists

Few are the programs that don’t use any kinds of lists. Some lists use the key-value thinking to keep order in the line. Others, like stack and queue, uses insert order as sort order. Some lists though don’t care about the order at all, until you give them a reason to by calling their sort()

Generic Lists and Custom Classes

According to Microsoft generic collections are faster than collections of the object type. Its hard to argue when theory is on their side, a collection that can skip a cast saves time. Fact had another idea though. I’ve actually never been able to create a code using generic collections that is faster than a collection

Regular Expressions Overview

A Regular Expression is a quick way to validate text against a given pattern. It’s a very powerful tool but can become very complex making it harder for others to understand your code. In .NET you can use regular expressions by using the System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace. The framework gives you the possibiltiy not only to tell

Regex Group Search

Regular Expressions are powerful and can be useful for many different things, i.e. searching for group patterns on web pages. is a popular swedish web site for searching phone numbers in Sweden. Correctly called it can return search results as a long list making it a good example site for demonstrating how group search

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