Prepare a git repository in Team Foundation Service for use in Eclipse

This is the first post in a serie of two on how to use a git repository in Team Foundation Service when working in Eclipse. The second article is Configure Eclipse to use Team Foundation Service with Git.

Please note:

  • You don’t need git-tf to make this work because that is used if your project has Team Foundation Version Control as Version Control. We’ll only be using Git here so git-tf is of no use!
  • Microsoft also has an Eclipse extension named Team Explorer, but we won’t be needing that one neither.

To get started we first make the necessary settings in Team Foundation Service.

  1. Login to Team Foundation Service and click on New Team Project + Git.
  2. New team project + Git

  3. Fill out the project name and select Git as Version Control.
  4. When the project is created click on Navigate to Project to open it up.

  5. Click on your name up in the right corner, of the TFS website, and click on My Profile in the menu that opens. Click on Enable alternate credentials and enter a password that can be used by Eclipse.
  6. By clicking on the Code menu we can see the URI to use when cloning the git repository. In our case it’s

Your git repository on the Team Foundation Service is not ready to be used by Eclipse.