Monthly archives: September, 2013

Data type overview in phpDocumentor

Why is it good to create documentation? Especially if you’re the only coder in the project! You always have this issue of what happens when someone else is going to take over your code in the future. But besides that, if you have a smart IDE you can get a lot of extra help in

10 ways to get more productive in Visual Studio

Visual Studio is full of shortcuts and handy tools helping you, as a programmer, to be more efficient in your work. Today I’m sharing a few of my favourite ones. All examples given here are tested in Visual Studio 2012. Open search result in a list Press CTRL + F to open the search pane.

Taming the memory usage in Chrome

Recently I noticed that the 8 GB of Ram on my developer machine never was enough and I got Windows messages quite often about shutting down programs or I would lose information. Ram is cheap these days so I ordered another 8 GB right away, but I was at the same time curious of what

Create your own extension methods to use in LINQ

The possibility to create extension methods has been around for some time in the .Net Framework. It basically gives you the possibility to extend a class with new methods without having to create a new class that extends the original one. If the original class is sealed you can’t even extend the class, but you

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