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Prepare a git repository in Team Foundation Service for use in Eclipse

This is the first post in a serie of two on how to use a git repository in Team Foundation Service when working in Eclipse. The second article is Configure Eclipse to use Team Foundation Service with Git. Please note: You don’t need git-tf to make this work because that is used if your project

Top 10 ways to get more disk space

Do we really need to care about cleaning up the disk space when they cost like nothing to buy? For most people this might not be something to worry about, but for others using more expensive SSDs space is a key issue. This is especially true when using a Windows OS that eats space like

Add a notification icon to your WPF program

I needed to create a WPF program that will run at certain intervals and, when running, always will do it in the background. Not that difficult. But I also wanted it to be accessible through a notification icon down in the right corner on the Windows screen. A little more work, but not that bad.

Complex syntactical sugar using yield in C#

Yield is one of the available contextual keywords in C#, meaning it has a purpose in the code but it’s not a reserved word. Microsoft defines yield as being: Used in an iterator block to return a value to the enumerator object or to signal the end of iteration The keyword was added in .NET

Implement a complex type in MVC4 and EF

When you create models in Entity Framework you have the possibility to generalize parts of it into reusable types by adding the ComplexType attribute. To illustrate I have a made up example of an access definition type that can be used on many different user-to-something connections to define what kind of access the user has.

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