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Running a background thread inside an ASP.NET website

When most people think of a web site or web application they think of something that respond to user navigations. The site has a life cycle that begins when the call comes in and ends when the response has been returned. Between these users calls the site is dead. But in reality it’s possible to

Setting up SSL for Azure Website using GoDaddy

Since a while back it’s now possible to add SSL certificates to your own domains on Azure. However, it’s not like a walk in the park to make it work. It all depends on what SSL provider you’re using. I was using GoDaddy and these are the steps I took to configure it all. Before

8 great features in Visual Studio 2013

In an earlier article I wrote about 10 ways to get more productive in Visual Studio. This is a follow up with new neat things coming with Visual Studio 2013. Open the Resolve menu when typing It happens once in a while that you haven’t included the namespace you need at the top of your

Remote desktop connection to Ubuntu VM in the Azure cloud using an SSH tunnel

This is the second post in the serie on how to install and configure an Ubuntu VM running in the Azure Cloud. The first post described how to setup an Ubuntu VM in Azure and connect through SSH. This post describes how to setup a graphical user interface and connect to it through an encrypted

Installing Ubuntu VM in Azure

Quite a few times I’ve been asked how to install and configure Ubuntu machines in the Azure cloud. Over a short serie of posts I’ll go through some simple steps of how to do it in a secure manner. Generate certificate for authentication There are different ways of authenticating when you’re connecting to your VM.

Taming the memory usage in Chrome

Recently I noticed that the 8 GB of Ram on my developer machine never was enough and I got Windows messages quite often about shutting down programs or I would lose information. Ram is cheap these days so I ordered another 8 GB right away, but I was at the same time curious of what

Top 10 ways to get more disk space

Do we really need to care about cleaning up the disk space when they cost like nothing to buy? For most people this might not be something to worry about, but for others using more expensive SSDs space is a key issue. This is especially true when using a Windows OS that eats space like

Restart Windows from the Command line

It’s not always that you have the option of restarting Windows from the start menu. When you connect with Remote Desktop connection all you’re presented with is an Log off, Disconnect and Lock option. But you can still restart the computer by using the command prompt. Just type shutdown /r to send a restart signal

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