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Remote desktop connection to Ubuntu VM in the Azure cloud using an SSH tunnel

This is the second post in the serie on how to install and configure an Ubuntu VM running in the Azure Cloud. The first post described how to setup an Ubuntu VM in Azure and connect through SSH. This post describes how to setup a graphical user interface and connect to it through an encrypted

Installing Ubuntu VM in Azure

Quite a few times I’ve been asked how to install and configure Ubuntu machines in the Azure cloud. Over a short serie of posts I’ll go through some simple steps of how to do it in a secure manner. Generate certificate for authentication There are different ways of authenticating when you’re connecting to your VM.

Fingerprint IP hosts to discover address conflicts

Once upon a time, the network tool ping used to be a good tool to check if a computer was up and running or if an IP address was available or not. Today, a lot of computers have the ping response service turned off due to security reasons since many Denial-of-service attacks use the ICMP

Ubuntu recovery mode with LVM drives

Had a client who had to restart a few of his Ubuntu servers due to a power outage and after restart one of them gave error messages and refused to boot. Error messages given were: mountall: fsck /boot [397] terminated with status 1 init: ureadahead-other main process (1751) terminated with status 4 … mount.nfs: mounting

Root password in Ubuntu

When installing Ubuntu Linux you’re only asked for a user password and never a root password. It is a security risk to use the root account but sometimes it is necessary. In Ubuntu I have been asked for the root password when doing Upgrades and since the root password isn’t set (not the same as

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